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Monthly Spotlight: Audiobook

Audiobook month

What is it?

An audiobook is a recording of a book or magazine being read aloud. 

The popularity of these has grown exponentially over the years. Originally, occasionally found on cassette tapes to expand to CDs and now there are many platforms that contain them, including the ability to borrow them from the library. It is a perfect medium for those who would like to read more, but have a busy schedule already, for those who need to have multiple focuses at once, or even those who simply need to rest their person but not their mind. 

Is listening the same as reading?

According to a 2019 Pew Study, the percentage of adults who read print or eBooks (i.e., visual readers) declined slightly from 2016. While a visual format remained the most used by readers, the percentage of audiobook listeners rose during the same period — the only format to see an increase in use. 

More readers are being drawn to audiobooks, often because the format allows the listener to do other things while enjoying a good book. A 2012 consumer survey asked audiobook listeners why they use the format. The top responses included being able to listen in the car, that it was portable, and that it allowed them to multitask. The Panorama Project’s 2020 Immersive Media & Books report supported this finding, noting that 70% of audio-readers multitask. More recently, Reddit users posting on the topic have offered suggestions for other types of multitasking most complementary to audiobook listening. Ideas include everything from folding laundry to working on a jigsaw puzzle. In light of these trends, one could conclude that audiobook listening is more likely to replace someone’s radio, music, or podcast use than their visual reading. --Fairfax County

Need to know

  • Audiobooks were originally invented for the blind
  • Listening can improve your punctuation and strengthen your memory
  • It is possible for your reading accuracy to increase as well
  • Since you create the images in your head, audiobooks can be much more interesting than watching a movie.
  • You can use audiobooks to learn a new language
  • They can help reduce negative thinking
  • Audiobooks can help reduce blue light from your devices and help usher in a good night's sleep
  • They can help improve time management 

Where to listen

Libraries often have a wide variety of reading material including audiobooks. CDs and digital audiobooks are able to be loaned out for free and even interlibrary loaned should your closest library not have something in their collections.

Find out what books you can start listening to in the NICC collections, Dubuque County Library collections, Carnegie-Stout Library collections, and the Calmar Public Library collections.

Summer Reading Bingo!

The NICC Library is hosting the Summer Reading Bingo once again!

Click the image above or THIS LINK to be brought to the Summer Reading Bingo page where you can print your own bingo sheet and look through some suggestions to fill up your squares.

For every square you fill, you can get a door prize, and for every bingo (diagonal, vertical, or horizontal) a chance for the grand prize at the end of summer for every bingo!

And don't forget the most important thing: Have Fun!