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Staff & Contact: Calmar Staff

Karen Davidson - Learning Resources Coordinator

Karen Davidson's picture
Karen Davidson
844-642-2338 Ext. 1257

Germaine Kuhn - Library Technician

Germaine Kuhn's picture
Germaine Kuhn
844-642-2338 Ext. 1253

Heather Busta - Library Technician

Heather Busta's picture
Heather Busta
844-642-2338 Ext. 1259

Marvin Ehm - Library Assistant

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Marvin Ehm
844-642-2338 Ext. 1393

Geri Elsbernd - Library Assistant

Geri Elsbernd's picture
Geri Elsbernd
844-642-2338 Ext. 1252

Calmar Campus Library