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President's Day Winners!

We Have our winners!

Destiny Kappers

Stephanie Moreno Perez

Chelsey Huseman

Anastasia Jones

Charlie Sieck

Libby Gorton

Rebecca Schumann 

Avery Johnson

Samantha Jo Schuster

Cael Burrow

Your prizes shall be mailed to you soon! If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out!

Did You Know?

Kanopy Database has instructional videos!

Kanopy Database has instructional videos!

Log in to Kanopy using Google and your NICC account to view instructional videos on various topics, including Food Technology, Technical Expertise, and K-12 Lessons!

Did You Know?: NICC CIS Help Page

Log into any campus computer (and the WiFi on mobile devices!) with your NICC username and password!

Your NICC username is the first part of your email before the @ symbol (i.e. smithj1234). Use the same password as your email!

Questions? Contact the CIS Helpdesk at (844) 642 - 2338, Ext. 555, or

New NICC Library Web Cameras

Borrow Web Cameras at NICC Libraries

NICC Libraries now have web cameras available for you to check out. Click on the link to see if a camera is currently available.

NICC Student ID

You can request an NICC ID ONLINE!

You will need to upload a photo of yourself to be used on the ID. PLEASE, make sure the photo is in color, shows your whole head and neck (no hats or sunglasses), and doesn't include anyone else in the frame. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in a delay in printing.

March Spotlight

Ready for March's Contest?

Check out this month's contest!

Explore our new homepage and tell us what you think!

During Women's History Month, we celebrate the countless women whose courage and resolve have contributed to the character and success of our Nation and the entire world. The equal opportunity of women in every facet of daily life is an essential feature of a free and prosperous society... Read more

Click this link to learn more about the women of the past and their achievements.

Use this link to learn more about the women making modern history.

Want to know how you can participate in Women's History Month? Click Here for details on a special event!

Happy National Nutrition Month!

There are many ways for you to celebrate and participate in National Nutrition Month. 

National MS Awareness Month!

March is Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Month!
What is
MS? What's its history? How does it develop? How does it progress through one's life? What are the symptoms? How is it different from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)?

Click the links to the questions you have to learn more through our collections!

Culture, in the broadest of terms, refers to the meanings, values and ways of life of particular groups, nations and classes. Popular culture is generally seen as a set of 'signifying practices' that produce meaning. The term 'popular culture' invokes a notion of a common culture in both material and non-material ways. In order to understand how people think, feel, value, act and express themselves, it is necessary to examine the cultures they create, and are in turn created by” (Inglis, 2005). Yet, it is possible to do so in part only... Read More

Want to view March's Pop Culture Events? Click Here


Check out this link to keep up to date with the book and media picks by our very own librarians!

These books and movies are often picked via a mixture of interests and in relation to the month's holiday's. 

Do you have a recommendation? Submit it Here!

Check out this month's Discussion Board!

This month's theme: Your favorite Recipe!

We would like to cook up some new recipes and flavors this month to explore more with National Nutrition Month and get to know our community a little bit more. After all, the best way into someone's heart is through their stomach! Teach us what we'll need and how to cook your delicious recipes so we can all expand our taste buds and try something new!

The Greatest Films of All Time "Decennial Survey"

    NICC subscribes to the British Film Institute's monthly (10x/yr) magazine, Sight & Sound.  Every 10 years the editors survey critics, programmers, archivists, and academic professionals to learn what they view as "The Greatest Films of All Time."  The 2022 poll had over 1600 responses.
    Do you agree with the results?  Would you rank them differently?  Did your favorite film miss the list this decade?
    We invite you to scroll through this spotlight to review the choices and, where available, watch the movie found in NICC library databases or open access (freely available) online.  Some survey titles were unavailable to view digitally.
    The current survey issue (above) and library holdings from 2019 are available at the Peosta campus library or may be requested at other campus locations via the library catalog link above.

Hey, Science Fans !!!

Science Quickly Podcasts (Scientific American)

Science Quickly

Do you love science?  If so, then this podcast is for you!

This series of recordings provides the listener with hundreds of science topics to learn about.  Each podcast is under 10 minutes in length and covers the many fascinating developments in all fields of science.  The series, formerly "60-Second Science," is created and hosted by the well-known magazine, Scientific American.  Although not available online at NICC, you may explore their online issue archive, and then visit your campus library to select the printed issue yourself.  Calmar campus retains the most recent 6 months, and Peosta retains the most recent 10 years of this subscription.

New Library Resources

New Power & Charging Station @ NICC Libraries

Power or charge your computer or digital devices at the Calmar & Peosta Library's new charging station.

Available during all hours the library is open for use in the library only.

Visit the Library website for contact information and our hours.

HotSpot Checkout & Reserve

HotSpots Available from NICC Libraries

NICC Libraries have a limited number of Internet HotSpots available for you to check out for the semester.

If no HotSpots are available when you check, please feel free to place a hold request in the catalog.  Requests will be filled in the order received as devices are returned to the Library.  Renewals for an additional semester will only be allowed if there are no pending hold requests.

Please see our HotSpot Borrowing Policy for more information and instructions.

New NICC Library Web Cameras

Borrow Web Cameras at NICC Libraries

NICC Libraries now have web cameras available for you to check out.  Click on the link to see if a camera is currently available.

Visit the Library website for contact information and our hours.