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Catalog, How Do I...?

How to Navigate the Catalog

The Catalog Home Button

This is for target searching. If you only want to look at the NICC Libraries catalog, look at just the children's books, or more targeted subjects, use this drop-down to help.

This drop-down is for searching by categories (i.e. authors, titles, or subjects).

Advanced search is usually used to limit what you're searching for even further (i.e. wanted words or unwanted words in 
search results).


In the top left of the screen, there should be an option for my account. You will need your student ID Number to log in. Should you not remember your student ID Number go to the ID tab for directions. This will allow you access to your library account and gives you more control over the items you borrow from the library. This includes what items you have checked out, what you have on hold, what you can renew, and (should you have an overdue item) what the overdue payment is and allow you to pay the fine in your account. 


Once logged in, this will also make it easier for you to request items (regardless of the library) and to text the bibliography information to your phone. 

Haven't received your ID card? 

Go to the NICC library closest to you to request one or fill out this form and pick it up once ready.

Just need your ID Number to log in?

It's on the back of your student ID, or Click Here to find it online.

Still can't find it?

Follow these steps to get your 14-digit number:

1. Locate the ID number on your class schedule or financial statement

    A. MyCampus -> Self-Service

2. Combine your campus center number below with your 7-digit student ID number.

    A. Calmar: 2326300_______

    B. Peosta: 2511000_______

If you can't locate your student ID number please contact the NICC Helpdesk:
Phone: (844) 642-2338 ext. 555