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February- 2024

Black History Month

It's time to shed more light on the amazing people that make up our planet. It's Black/African American History Month!

Take time to learn why we celebrate, fun facts about the African American/Black communities, and find some new heroes to look up to. All you need to do to get started is CLICK HERE!

Library Lovers Month

It is every librarian's favorite month, Library Lovers Month!

What is not to love about unlimited free books, movies, programs, and more that your library can offer you? Take a look at THIS PAGE to learn why libraries are important, what fun things we provide, what our librarians think of libraries, and more!

National Missing Persons Day- 3rd

Many people are reported missing throughout the year. It is up to us and designated organizations to keep them in mind while keeping up with the long, grueling search. 

Take a moment to look at some statistics and facts on missing persons in the U.S. alone from recent years. CLICK HERE.

Chinese Lunar New Year's Day- 10th

Happy Lunar New Year everyone!

Check out what makes the Chinese Lunar New Year so unique, fun ways to celebrate, and even see what Chinese Zodiac Animal your year is. CLICK HERE to start the fun!


Galantine's Day- 13th

Today is the day for loving your besties!

Take a look into Galentine's Day origins and ideas to make you and your friends feel even more loved and appreciated! CLICK HERE!

Valentine's Day- 14th

It's Valentine's Day for all you lovebirds out there!

Learn how the Day of Hearts came to be, how you can celebrate it, and find out who exactly Cupid is.

Rockin' the single life? Don't worry, we have some self-love ideas too!


Pluto Day- 18th

Believe it or not, there is actually a holiday for the world's favorite planet. That's right, it's Pluto Day!

CLICK HERE to learn some awesome facts about Pluto, see some very detailed photos, and learn why the astronomers claim "Pluto isn't a planet".

Language Day- 21st

Languages are so amazingly diverse and beautiful, that it is no wonder that there is a whole holiday dedicated to them.

TAKE A LOOK into what languages mean, why they are actually cool, and facts about the languages of the world!

Librarian Picks

Need a new book to read? Or maybe a movie for date night?

Don't fret, we've got you covered. CLICK HERE to take a look at some of the picks we've chosen this month!

Other Holidays!

The fact that there are even more holidays this short month that you can learn about is bonkers.

But CLICK HERE to see some of the more... interesting ones that we have found!