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September Spotlight 2023


Meet Liptmber!

The month-long charity event to help raise money for women's mental health. Much like Movember, Liptemer has you wearing all sorts of different colored lipstick throughout the entire month.

To learn more about this charitable event, its history, and how to support or enroll, CLICK HERE!

Suicide Prevention Month

Suicide is still one of the leading causes of death in the United States.

Have a look at the updated statistics, ways to prevent yourself and others, facts to know, and resources for those needing help. CLICK HERE to delve into this serious and sorrowful topic.

Labor Day - September 4th

What is Labor Day? How did it start? When did it become a holiday? And why do we still celebrate it?

Find out the answer to all these questions and more by CLICKING HERE.

National Shrink Day - September 5th

Find out all the information about different types of therapists, what to consider when looking, why there is such a stigma around them, and some statistics about shrinks. All you have to do to get there is CLICK HERE.

National Read A Book Day - September 6th

It is one of the best days of the year for reading! Take a look at this spotlight for all the positive information on the way you should read and the best format to do so. Not to mention, some great recommendations given by the Peosta Library over the summer! CLICK HERE!

Grandparents Day - September 10th

Ever wonder what being a grandparent actually means? CLICK HERE and get the definition of a grandparent, why they can be important in a grandchild's life, and boundaries that parents can set so everyone can be in a happy and healthy relationship.

Talk Like A Pirate Day - September 16th

Not to be confused with Meow Like a Pirate Day which is on the 19th, Talk Like a Pirate Day is here for you to enjoy! Have some fun and talk like a pirate all day along with some other activities and learning about how this wakey holiday began. CLICK HERE to start!

First Day of Fall! - September 23rd

One of the best seasons of the year has arrived! Fall!

Although some call it autumn and others harvest, it has a rich history of being the season with the best activities. Not to mention all its fun facts, but mostly the time is used to prep for the impending winter. CLICK HERE to take a look at all this info and more!

National Binge Day - September 25th

Learn about what binging is (specifically through entertainment), the pros and cons of binging, and the stats of how much time people spend on entertainment. Oh! And don't forget! Take a look at some of our recommendations for TV shows, movies, and books to binge on this unique holiday. CLICK HERE.

National Ghost Hunting Day - September 30th

One of the many long-standing arguments is whether are ghosts real. CLICK HERE to learn exactly how many people in the U.S. believe, how to start ghost hunting on your own, fun facts about ghosts and their hunters, and finally, some spooky recommendations that you may find fascinating. 

Other Holiday's to Celebrate!

Take a look at all the holidays for you to celebrate in the month of September!

Everything from Roald Dahl Day to Siblings Day to All the delicious food holidays. All you have to do is CLICK HERE.

Monthly Librarian Picks!

Have a peek at the librarian's monthly recommendations for movies and books based on holidays from this month!

CLICK HERE to look through the gallery and select the picture to investigate further.

Celebrate Constitution Day with us by reading up on what made this country a country!

Have an overview of what the U.S. Constitution is along with the Constitutional Convention, Bill of Rights, and even the first printing of the Constitution in its first newspaper! All you have to do to get this information and more is CLICK HERE!