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Autism Acceptance Month

Autism has gotten more light around it in recent years, but what exactly is it? We know it is a spectrum, but what symptoms are usually associated with autism? 

Learn the answers to these questions and more and follow up with your own research all by CLICKING HERE.

Deaf History Month

Some people can be hard of hearing and others are completely deaf. Some people become deaf over time and others from birth. Either way, there are many people out there part of the deaf community.

CLICK HERE to get the definition of what it means to be deaf, what causes deafness, facts, and historical figures that have succeeded in life despite being deaf.

National Poetry Month

Did you know there are about a dozen different types of poems? Want to learn some interesting tips on writing poetry? How about reading some calming and relatable poetry?

Well, look no further! CLICK HERE to get started on your poetry journey!

National Self-Care Day- 5th

Self-care isn't selfish, looking after your person first and foremost isn't a bad thing. Taking time for yourself can often be needed and often overlooked in day-to-day life.

CLICK HERE to look into why self-care is important and what the best ways to take care of yourself are.

National Pet Day- 11th

Who doesn't love pets? There is an astounding number of pets people can have but CLICK HERE for the most popular/common. You can also learn a fact or two about the characteristics of your pet and why they do what they do. Don't forget to check out some of the fun books we recommend for you!

Universal Day of Culture- 15th

There are a ton of cultures around the world that bring so much light and color into our lives. Today is the day to learn about some of them and expand your horizons on what culture means to different people. 

By CLICKING HERE you can learn about some of the most popular, little-known, and your own culture on top of other fun info and what the difference is between cultural appreciation and appropriation.

Earth Day- 22nd

Let's help our planet, shall we? Helping the earth can be anything from changing day-to-day habits to joining a mass cleaning project. There really isn't a wrong way to try and help out, after all, knowledge can often be the most powerful tool.

CLICK HERE to learn all about how Earth Day came to be, what this year's 'theme' is, debates and myths about pollution, global warming, etc., and more.

More Holidays!

There's never a downtime when there are so many holidays to have fun on! CLICK HERE to take a gander at what else you can celebrate and learn this month.

And don't forget! The Jelly Bean Contest is now open! Best of luck!

Librarian Picks

So many books, so little time. Summer is coming, so why not start your reading list to help you unwind?

Take a look at some of the books your lovely librarians have picked out for you!

Solar Eclipse! April 8, 2024

GET PUMPED! This is a near total eclipse and the library and science departments are stoked!

This eclipse will be the last solar eclipse for 20 years (the next one being in 2044). Come check out some of the activities, demonstrations, snacks, books, and speakers who will be helping us out in the library and in the Plazas at both campuses!

Calmar: Central Plaza between Max Clark & the Student Center

Peosta: The Plaza in front of the Main Building/ in front of the Library

CLICK HERE for more information about what is in store!