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Speech Topics and Presentations

Information for Speech Classes including the following topics; public speaking tips, finding speech topics, managing fear of public speaking, websites, tutorials, and how to access articles in "Vital Speeches of the Day."

E-books [electronic books]

E-books are digital books that are available to be read on a variety of electronic devices. Specific databases that contain e-books include eBook Central (Proquest) and EBSCOhost.

eBook Central (Proquest)

E-book Collection EBSCOhost 

Speaking in Public

Searching EBSCO eBooks Tutorial

Try multiple subject terms to find E-books:

Public Speaking

Stage Fright

Speech Anxiety

Brainfuse Database & Pro Tools for Presentations

Brainfuse Database

Research & Presentation Skills > Communication Skills > Methods and Means of Delivery > Pro Tools for Presentations

Pro Tools for Presentations

Electronic resources to aid you in presentation skills for speech classes.  Read lessons. Watch videos. Take tests. Know more.

Communications and Mass Media Collection


Current information covering advertising, literature, linguistics and more.