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Speech Topics and Presentations

Information for Speech Classes including the following topics; public speaking tips, finding speech topics, managing fear of public speaking, websites, tutorials, and how to access articles in "Vital Speeches of the Day."

Accessing Library Resources On or Off Campus

Some Resources require you to sign in with your NICC email account or your 14 digit borrower ID number.

Your NICC Student ID / Library Card has your 14-digit Borrower ID number.

This number is located on the back of your ID card.  Do not have an ID card?  Follow these steps to get your Borrower #:

  1. Locate your NICC student ID number.
  2. Select your home campus:
    Calmar Students: 23263
    Peosta Students: 25110
  3. Combine with campus number first then your student number. If this is not 14 digits, then add zero's after the campus number.

Calmar Example: 23263 + 0###### then add 2 zero’s after the campus number: 23263000######.

Peosta Example: 25110 + 0###### then add 2 zero’s after the campus number: 25110000######.

If you do not know your student ID number please contact the NICC HelpDesk at:

Phone:  (844) 642-2338, ext. 555

e-Mail:  helpdesk@nicc.edu

Search Books, Articles, Media, and More!

Search books, articles, media, and more! (On Library Home Page)

Gives you access to many types of materials such as, databases, eBooks, full-text Journal articles, and the library catalog collection for both Calmar and Peosta libraries in one search.

Interlibrary Loan

If an article or book you need is not available through the sources the Library owns, we will request the item or get a copy of the article(s) from another library for you for free.

To request an item from the sister campus library, search for the item within the online catalog.  Check for the location of the item and its status.  If not at your location, then select Request Item and fill out the form and submit it.

Click on the Interlibrary Loan Request Form for items not owned by the NICC Libraries. Check with your campus library for interlibrary loan policies.

Interlibrary loan request dates cannot be guaranteed.  The average time is 7-10 working days.  Most requests are processed 24-48 hours after receipt, holidays and weekends excluded.  Incomplete information may result in delay.

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