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Copyright & Fair Use

This guide is intended to assist NICC faculty & staff as they consider issues of copyright and fair use in an academic setting.


This guide is intended to assist NICC faculty, staff and students with questions they may have regarding copyright, fair use, and permission to republish or distribute copywritten material.  We also offer further information regarding services and resources offered by the library and its staff.  Please also consult the official NICC "Copyright Infringement Policy" for additional policy guidelines and alerts.

Why Copyright? ... & Open Access Options

A recent article by Robert Harington, Associate Executive Director of Publishing at the American Mathematical Society (AMS).  He has the overall responsibility for publishing at the AMS, including books, journals and electronic products.  This piece done in 2020 follows on his 2017 article about The Value of Copyright, and briefly reviews the history of Copyright while also considering alternative Creative Commons options.