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Monthly Spotlight: Holidays!

Other Holiday's

National Pen Pal Day- 1st

Want to learn more about pen pals? How having a pen pal can be a positive thing? Or maybe, you want to know how you can start being a pen pal? Well, look through the articles below to learn about the answers to these questions and more. 

Articles on how being a pen pal affects people:

Articles and Websites to get you started with your future pen pals:

National Donald Duck Day-- 9th

Donald Duck has been a presence and a staple in many people's childhood, and in some cases, adulthood. At one point Donald Duck had more comic book appearances than his good old friend Mickey. Although Michael Cart from Booklist had different views of the short-tempered duck comics, he has somehow still made it as people's perennial favorite in 2023. To learn more about the background lore of Donald Duck, check out McGill University's webpage all about him. And to learn more about Donald Duck's family tree (because, yes, there is a family tree) take a look at American Ancestor's page.

National Veggies Day- 16th

Although most of the world’s people consume “vegetables” daily, the word itself has no precise botanical or scientific meaning. Various vegetative (nonreproductive) parts of plants are eaten as vegetables, but reproductive parts of plants such as cucumbers and tomatoes, which are technically fruits, are also consumed as “vegetables.” -- Vegetable Crops

On average, most people like to eat fruits more than vegetables due to their sweetness, and while fruits do have some vitamins and minerals good for the body, the high sugar levels are what make veggies healthier. It is especially better for adults trying to lose weight or get fit or children that are in the throughs of growing to eat more vegetables than fruit to accomplish these goals. Check out this article by the National Library of Medicine to learn more.

In addition to the article above, here are more reading materials to help you learn more and make better habits when it comes to the intake of vegetables!

International Yoga Day- 21st


Merriam-Webster:  a system of physical postures, breathing techniques, and sometimes meditation derived from Yoga but often practiced independently especially in Western cultures to promote physical and emotional well-being

Cambridge Dictionary: a set of physical and mental exercises, originally from India, intended to give control over the body and mind

How did International Yoga Day come to be? 

What people have done in the past to celebrate:

This year's celebrations are underway:

Get started with your yoga journey:

National Take Your Dog to Work Day- 23rd

It is most people's favorite day! National Bring Your Dog To Work Day!!

Ever wondered what it would be like to bring your dog in? To know the pros and cons? To see what a difference in your work life could be? 

Check out the articles we found below to learn more about this wonderful holiday:

National Bingo Day- 27th

Bingo had a major impact on the recreational culture of the 1930s. The game was immediately successful because of two main factors: Bingo allowed Americans to participate in a game that required little to no payment, and it presented the possibility of winning a prize. Edwin Lowe, the creator of Bingo, stumbled upon the game by accident. While on a business trip, Lowe stopped at a carnival. Most of the carnival was shutting down; however, Lowe noticed a booth at which participants were playing a game called “beano.” He began to construct his own version. In one early trial of the game’s commercial viability, a woman became so excited about winning the game that she stammered “Bingo!” The name stuck.

Bingo had a significant financial and cultural impact on the United States during the 1930s. By 1934, ten thousand Bingo games were played on a weekly basis. It was also played in movie theaters. Movie theater owners used “Bingo Night” as a way to lure customers. Because of Bingo’s ties to gambling, judiciary measures across the country were taken in order to control “bank night,” another name for Bingo. Nonetheless, the game continued to thrive throughout most of the 1930s. --Bingo (Game)

Want to read more about bingo? Check out "The Bingo Queens of Oneida" and "Increasing Harms for Bingo Players"

And don't forget to check out our Summer Reading BINGO being held from May 15th to August 11th! Click Here to learn more and get your bingo sheet!

All the Food!

Take a look at all the days in June that revolves around food!

  • June is National Candy Month
  • June 2nd
    • National Doughnut Day
  • June 4th
    • National Cheese Day
  • June 5th 
    • National Sausage Roll Day
  • June 7th
    • National Chocolate Ice Cream Day
  • June 11th
    • Corn on the Cob Day
  • June 12th
    • Peanut Butter Cookie Day
  • June 14th
    • National Strawberry Shortcake Day
  • June 16th
    • National Veggie Day
    • National Fudge Day
  • June 17th
    • National Apple Pie Strudel Day
  • June 20th
    • Ice Cream Soda Day
    • National Vanilla Milkshake Day
  • June 21st
    • National Cookie Dough Day
  • June 25th
    • National Strawberry Parfait Day
  • June 27th
    • National Ice Cream Cake Day
  • June 29th
    • National Bomb Pop Day