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Early Childhood -- Calmar Campus

Early Childhood Education -- NICC -- Calmar Campus

Early Childhood Resources -- Calmar Campus

Welcome to the NICC Library!  We are here to help you succeed.  Please ask library staff for help on either floor.

Children's magazines are found on "First Floor" located on the wall by the fireplace along with our magazine collection.

Movies and Films for Children are found on "First Floor" among the movie collection.

Children's Books are on "Second Floor" in the Children's Corner in the alcoves.

Books, DVDs, and Reference material are located on "Second Floor" in the main collection area.

Study rooms and DVD players are available on "Second Floor" of the Library.

Computers are available on both floors of the library.

Click on the link below to start your library search!

Library Website

Accessing Library Resources On or Off Campus

Remote Access Logon

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Login for full access.  

Click Login > Use your NICC Gmail Account


Some Resources Require

Your NICC library card account requires your 14-digit Borrower ID number.

This number is located on the back of your ID card.  Do not have an ID card?  Follow these steps to get your Borrower #:

  1. Locate your NICC student ID number.
  2. Select your home campus:
    Calmar Students: 23263
    Peosta Students: 25110
  3. Combine with campus number first then your student number. If this is not 14 digits, then add zero's after the campus number.

Calmar Example: 23263 + 0###### then add 2 zero’s after the campus number: 23263000######.

Peosta Example: 25110 + 0###### then add 2 zero’s after the campus number: 25110000######.

If you do not know your student ID number please contact the NICC HelpDesk at:

Phone:  (844) 642-2338, ext. 555


Early Childhood Education -- Calmar Campus

Interlibrary Loan

To request an item from the sister campus library, search for the item in the online catalog.  Check the location of the item and its status.  If item is not at your location, then select Request Item and fill out form and submit.

Click on the Interlibrary Loan tab to fill out the form to request items not owned by the NICC Libraries. Check with your campus library for interlibrary loan policies.

Interlibrary loan request dates cannot be guaranteed.  The average time is 7-10 working days.  Most requests are processed 24-48 hours after receipt, holidays and weekends excluded.  Incomplete information may result in delay.