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NICC Library: How Do I...?

How Do I...?

Student ID/Library Cards

Your NICC ID Card also works as your Library Card and gives you access to print at any of the NICC locations. Additionally, every semester you are enrolled, you can come to the library and get a new semester sticker. These stickers allow you access to the Peosta Rec Center for free, discounts at local businesses, and to attend & participate in intramural sports at UD.

For applying online:

  • Fill out this form
  • When submitting the form you MUST include a current photo of yourself
    • We must be able to see your full face and make out facial features
  • IDs can be picked up at either of the campus libraries or any of the NICC Centers.
    • IDs can also be mailed to an address on file at the college
    • Please provide a form of photo ID and proof of enrollment at pick-up

For applying in person:

  • Go to the library circulation desk and request one from the librarian
  • Provide a form a photo ID and proof of current enrollment

Community Library Cards

Library visitors without NICC affiliation or community members who don't have Iowa public library cards may apply for a NICC Community Borrower library card by following the steps below:

  1. Fill out an application form at the campus library
  2. Provide an acceptable form of photo ID
  3. Proof of address if not on photo ID

Clinical Badge

Students in these programs may request clinical badges:

  • Cosmetology
  • Early Childhood
  • EMT
  • Health Information
  • Medical Assistant
  • Nursing
  • Practical Nursing
  • Radiologic Tech
  • Respiratory Care

Students must show proof of enrollment in one of the above programs. You can request an ID badge at either campus library or by filling out this form.  BCS/EMT students only please fill out this form (BCS/EMT) if making your request online.

To receive the badge, you will need:

  • An acceptable form of photo ID
  • A student ID number (on class schedule or NICC ID card)
  • Proof of current enrollment in one of the programs listed above (course schedule)

Employee ID

You can request an employee ID online using this form or coming to the library and following these steps:

  • NICC new employees may have their supervisor accompany them to the library to obtain their NICC ID card, which is also their library card.
  • Have one of the following:
    • Supervisor's presence with staff member requesting ID card
    • Supervisor's prior approval communicated to staff issuing new ID card

For additional information on the various IDs, please see our policy page.

On Campus Resources

  • Databases
    • To access: Sign in to MyCampus account with NICC username and password
    • Click: Library task icon
    • Open: A-Z Databases List navigation bar at screen left
  • Library Account
    • A 14-digit NICC ID Number may be required by some resource sites
      • This number is on the back of your student ID 
      • Don't know your ID number?
        • Locate the ID number listed on your class schedule or financial statement
        • MyCampus > Self-Service for Students
          • Combine your campus center number below with your 7-digit student ID number
            • Calmar: 2326300#######
            • Peosta: 2511000#######
        • If you can't locate your student ID number please contact the NICC HelpDesk:

Off-Campus Resources

Click on the database, journal, link, etc. from the Quick Links menu on the library homepage. 

  • You will be prompter for your NICC email address and password to gain access
  • You will automatically be redirected to the resource

Please contact library staff or the NICC Helpdesk ((844) 642-2338 ext 555 or for additional assistance.

Peosta Reserve a Room

NICC students, faculty, and staff may reserve a room at the Peosta Library by calling the circulation desk ((8440 642-2338 ext 2224), contacting a staff member, or clicking this link for the online form.

Community members must contact our Business and Community Solutions Department (BCS) at 98440 642-2338 ext. 1399.



NICC Students, Faculty, and Staff:

  1. Select "NICC" network on your device's options for WiFi networks
  2. Enter your NICC username and password
  3. Check the box agreeing to NICC's Terms and Conditions
  4. Login

You may need to open a browser to log in to the network.

NICC Guests

  1. Select the "NICC" network on your device's options for WiFi networks
  2. Click the "Need an account?" link
  3. Enter your full name and personal email address
  4. Check the box agreeing to NICC's Terms and Conditions
  5. Click "Register"
  6. You will see information about your session. Click the button below that says "Login"

You may need to open a browser to log into the network.

For further assistance, please consult the NICC HelpDesk WiFi instruction page, contact the HelpDesk at (844) 642-2338 ext. 555, or submit a HelpDesk Service Request.

Printing in the Library without ID

  1. Print as normal, using "NICC-FollowMe"
  2. Log in to Papercut using your NICC username and password
  3. Select "Jobs Pending Release" from the left-hand menu.
  4. Click "Release All", and "OK" on the pop-up
  5. Select the appropriate machine listed below
  6. Retrieve your documents after


Black and White Printer        svcalps\COP-CAL-S210-MXM3071

Color Printer                         svcalps\COP-CAL-S108-BP-70C31


Black and White Printer       Peosta-Main 200-Library Black and White

Color Printer                        Peosta-Main 200- Library Color

Laptop Printing

  1. Log in to Papercut using your NICC username and password
  2. Select "Web Print" on the left-hand menu
  3. Click "Submit a Job"
  4. Select the number of copies, and click "3. Upload Documents"
  5. Upload one or more documents, then click "Upload & Complete"
  6. Print by swiping your ID card at the desired printer, or follow the instructions for printing without an ID


After the Fall 2023 semester, both libraries will no longer be circulating hotspots that were provided by CIS. One hotspot purchased via the library will still be in circulation for any student, staff, or faculty member. Please see our new updated policy for our library hotspot here.

Materials from another Campus

  1. Search the combined catalog on the library homepage
  2. Find the item you want and select "Request Item"
  3. Log in to your account:
    1. Your borrower ID is the 14-digit barcode number on the back of your NICC ID
    2. Select your location from the drop-down menu
    3. In the comments, please include your email or phone number

Note: If the table of contents is not available through the catalog, then type "Table of Contents" in the comments box with your location information. The library will email the table of contents to you. This may help you decide if you need the book.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Should neither both campus' nor the county library have the material that you want, you can submit an Interlibrary Loan Request and we can borrow the material from another library should it be available. 

Please refer to our policies page before submitting an interlibrary loan (ILL) request.


Forms of Photo ID

Acceptable forms of photo ID:

Non-expired driver's license

Non-expired state-issued or approved ID card

Current college or high school ID

Current state or federal ID 

Non-expired passport

Tribal ID

Naturalization card or certificate of citizenship

Acceptable forms of address verification (if not on photo ID):

Utility bill

Postmarked mail to the current address