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Pride Month!

Happy Pride Everyone!

Pride Month is for all of those who wish to celebrate being themselves and being prideful of all that you have accomplished, usually by those in the LGBTQIA+ Community- which does include our amazing allies. Take a look at how Pride Month came to be, why it is important, and see how far back the LGBTQ+ community really goes in history. Just click the Happy Pride Month rainbow above!

Audiobook Month

Audiobooks have been climbing the ranks for one of the most popular ways to read books. CLICK HERE to find out what audiobooks are, if listening is the same as reading, some fun facts, and more!

National Higher Education Day- June 6th

Higher Education has long been debated everywhere. Is it worth it? How do I start? Can I afford it? 

Well, question no more! CLICK HERE to learn more about higher education, why some believe it important, how you can go about achieving it, and even some reading materials for you to dive into.

National CNA Day- June 13th

CNAs truly make the world turn, so why not celebrate them?

Learn all about what CNAs are and what they do to help out those in the medical field, and maybe even enroll in some classes yourself!

CLICK HERE for the fun facts and other information to help you understand this intense career.

Father's Day- June 16th

What is a father? Do you have to be related to have a father in your life? How and Why do we celebrate such a holiday?

To help understand all this and more CLICK HERE to read more about Father's Day!

Juneteenth- June 19th

Juneteenth has become one of the more important holidays in the US, even becoming a bank holiday for most. There is good reason for this and you can find out why by CLICKING HERE to get some background, facts, and ideas for celebrating an historic holiday.

Summer Solstice- June 20th

Summer is here and it is time to prep for those insufferably hot days headed our way! 

CLICK HERE for all the tips, tricks, dos and don'ts for the summer. And maybe you'll even find some fun new traditions to keep things cool and fun!

National PTSD Awareness Day- June 27th

Time to learn more about the mental health of those with PTSD and how it can affect yourself and others. 

CLICK HERE for the description, statistics, treatments, and recommendations for people to learn about this prevalent mental illness.

Librarian Picks

Don't fall behind on your Summer Reading Bingo! TAKE A LOOK at some of this month's suggestions and start marking off your boxes! 

Other Holidays!

Keep the party going this summer with some more holidays to celebrate! CLICK HERE for some fun and possibly unusual holidays you can party to!