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NICC Library: Policies


Library Loans

Faculty/Staff Students Community Members

Books & Audiobooks

3 months 3 weeks 3 weeks
DVDs 3 months 3 weeks 3 week
Hotspots 3 weeks 3 weeks Non-lending
Magazines 3 weeks 3 weeks 3 weeks
Equipment - NICC Affiliated
(banners, tablecloths, etc.)
3 weeks Non-Lending Non-Lending
Equipment - Library of Things
(cookware, book stands, etc.)
3 weeks 3 weeks 3 weeks
Reserved Materials Loan Period Varies Loan Period Varies Loan Period Varies

Updated: Dec. 2023

Interlibrary Loans (ILL)

Interlibrary Loan is a service offered by the NICC libraries to expand the resources available to our students, faculty, and staff. Materials such as books, articles, DVDs, and audiobooks may be requested. Items can be borrowed from either NICC campus, Iowa-centered libraries, and national libraries, thus may take extra time to acquire. Please carefully search the collections at NICC including full-text electronic resources before requesting a title from another library.

  • Should charges, fines, and fees be assessed by the lending library, they will be the responsibility of the NICC borrower.
    • Patrons will be notified before charges occur.
  • Library staff will contact you via email or phone call when materials arrive.
  • Books and articles should be picked up within 5 days of notification.
    • Materials will be sent back after the 5-day pickup period.
  • Respect the privilege of interlibrary borrowing and return materials on time.
    • Should you request a renewal of the item, it will be at the discretion of the lending library.
  • Community members who wish to use the interlibrary loan service may only do so through the county library.

Updated: Dec. 2023

Collection Development Policy


In accordance with the Northeast Iowa Community College educational philosophy and the guidelines established by the Association of College and Research Libraries, the Libraries seek to provide a sufficient and useful collection for all programs and divisions of the college. The Libraries will not seek to build a comprehensive research collection in any one subject area or at the graduate level. They will attempt to provide a timely collection that is relevant, vital, and useful to the college and the community through careful research and planning. This requires commitment and recommendations by faculty and students, and financial support of the college.

The Libraries collection development policy:

  1. Provides a mechanism for faculty participation in the collection development process;
  2. Provides quantitative and philosophical diversity/balance in relation to curricula, programs, and personal development needs of students, faculty, and staff;
  3. Responds to the diverse clientele which varies in age, reading ability, ethnic background, and previous exposure to formal education;
  4. Provides a basis for evaluation of the collection; and
  5. Provides a basis for budget planning.

Philosophy & Objectives:

The Northeast Iowa Community College Libraries will facilitate the learning process by providing students with information and teach students how to locate, evaluate, and use materials appropriate for their information needs. The Libraries will also facilitate instruction by assisting faculty in locating, using, and producing materials relevant to the curriculum and collaborating with classroom faculty to integrate information literacy skills across the curriculum. The librarians will participate in curriculum planning. The Libraries will also encourage lifelong learning and critical thinking skills.

This philosophy is implemented by the following objectives:

  1. A multimedia collection is made available which provides a variety of curriculum-related instructional materials;
  2. The library collections include various media that satisfy the varying interests, learning styles, and abilities of each student;
  3. The library collections serve Northeast Iowa Community College students, faculty, & staff, by providing general interest and personal development materials.

Responsibility for the Selection of Materials

The responsibility for the selection of instructional materials is delegated to the professionally trained personnel employed by the College. The selection of materials also involves faculty, staff, and students. The responsibility for coordinating the selection of instructional materials and making the recommendations for purchase rests with the professional librarians.

Materials Considered for Purchase

Subject matter that is directly curriculum-related is considered first for purchase. This includes items needed for class assignments, supplemental reading, and supplemental materials for use in preparing term papers reports, along with current reference and bibliographic tools which will facilitate finding and using such materials.

After primary needs have been met, consideration can then be given to materials that will meet special interests or needs of the student, faculty, or staff. These may include professional materials dealing with peripheral subjects not taught at the college but needed for a basic collection.

Materials NOT Considered for Purchase

Required textbooks are not normally considered for purchase, along with research materials beyond the needs of the students. Rare books or limited editions are generally not purchased.

General Criteria For Purchase of Material:

Librarians first select on the basis of faculty recommendations. Selection is then made on the basis of independent reviews appearing in standard selection periodicals, such as Booklist, Choice, Library Journal, and The New York Times Book Review. Reviews appearing in professional journals, standard lists, and bibliographies are also used in collection development.

Materials for purchase are considered on the basis of these factors:

  1. The content is accurate and suitable for the intended use at Northeast Iowa Community College;
  2. Additional materials as needed in a subject area;
  3. The cost is justifiable;
  4. The material is of sufficient technical quality;
  5. The material is more effective than other similar materials available;
  6. The material is considered of worthwhile general interest on topics necessary for basic and reading enjoyment (NICC Library Vision Statement)

Duplication within the library will be limited except where the needs of the students and the continued demand for the materials make it apparent that additional copies should be purchased. Initially, only one copy of a title will be purchased for most materials.


Gift materials are welcomed and will be added to the collection if they meet the general criteria. The monetary value will be assigned by the donor. Disposition of the gift will be at the discretion of the librarian.

Any monies given to the Library may be designated to purchase materials in a subject area, but the specific titles will be selected by using the general criteria.

Collection Maintenance

Withdrawal or weeding of the materials for the collection is considered an integral part of the organized effort to study and develop the collection. Decisions to remove materials will be made in consultation with faculty more directly concerned with their future use.

The following materials may be withdrawn from the collection and discarded: 

  1. Obsolete materials
  2. Superseded editions
  3. Superfluous duplicates
  4. Badly worn or defaced volumes for which there are suitable replacements
  5. Unused materials which have no historical or lasting value

Materials reported missing or lost and not recovered within two years will be withdrawn from the inventory.

Supporting Documents

  1. NICC Library Mission & Vision Statements (2020)

  2. Library Bill of Rights (1939-1996; American Library Association)

  3. Freedom to Read (1953-2004; ALA, Assoc. of Am. Publishers)

  4. Freedom to View (1990; ALA)

  5. Intellectual Freedom Principles for Academic Libraries (1999; Assoc. of Colleges & Research Libraries)

  6. Statement on Information Access (Iowa Library Association)

Reviewed: Dec. 2023

Student ID Policy

Your Northeast Iowa Community College student ID works as your library card as well. To obtain an ID card from the library, we ask that you show a form of photo ID, class schedule, and student ID number (this may also be on your class schedule). This allows us to ensure the correct person gets the correct ID and is able to borrow materials from the college libraries. 

Replacement IDs

If an ID card is lost, stolen, or destroyed, a duplicate card can be purchased in the Library. A fee of $5.00 will be charged for each replacement card issued and can be paid via cash or check. Cards with errors or incorrect information on them will be replaced at no cost.


Each semester you attend NICC and pay an activities fee (in the college enrollment fees), you may obtain a sticker for your ID card. The libraries ask that you show a current class schedule when obtaining each semester's sticker. Showing your ID card with a current semester sticker entitles you to discounts at some local businesses and facilities. Please contact the NICC Student Life Office for more information.

Updated: Dec. 2023

Employee ID Policy

Northeast Iowa Community College new employees may have their supervisor accompany them to the library to obtain their NICC ID card, which is also their library card. We may ask for an acceptable form of ID to ensure the correct cards are being processed. Employees may also use the NICC ID online request form

Acceptable forms include:

  • Supervisor's presence with staff member requesting ID card
  • Supervisors prior approval communicated to staff issuing new ID card

Replacement IDs

If an ID card is lost, stolen, or destroyed, a duplicate card can be purchased in the library via cash or check. A fee of $5.00 will be charged for each replacement card issued. Cards with errors or incorrect information on them, or which are worn out or illegible, will be replaced at no cost. The Library recommends that cards no longer in use be destroyed.

Updated: Dec. 2023

Room Reservation

At the Northeast Iowa Community College Libraries, we ask that students, staff, faculty, and community members reserve a study room from the library before each use.

To reserve a room, you may stop at the circulation desk upon library entry and reserve a room that is available. NICC students, faculty, staff, and community members may also reserve a room in advance by filling out our online form or by calling the library circulation desk at 844-642-2338 ext. 2224 (Peosta) or ext. 1395 (Calmar).

Community members and groups must contact Shane Holdridge, Business and Community Solutions Operations Coordinator, at or 844-642-2338 ext. 3388 to reserve a room in advance.

Community & Peosta Computer Use

  • Children, in preschool through middle school, will be limited to 60 minutes on a community computer at the front of the library each day.
  • Community Members may use NICC student computers when classes are not in session, but NICC students will have priority at all times.
  • Community Members have priority on the designated community computers at the front of the library.
    • Community members must sign in at the circulation desk for computer usage.
  • All NICC Library users must adhere to the NICC Acceptable Computer Use Policy when using any college computer.

Please Note: Community computers provide access to the Dubuque County Library resources, while the student computers provide access to NICC resources. These resources may not be the same.

Updated: Dec. 2023

Distance/Online Learning

The Northeast Iowa Community College Libraries will mail materials to students who live 50 miles from campus or NICC center and are currently enrolled in a NICC distance education program. A maximum of five materials, per mailing, will be delivered to the student's home address that is on file at the college. The materials will circulate for two months and cannot be renewed. Materials must be returned by mail directly to the lending library and postmarked on or before the due date.

Please also keep in mind that a local public library may be the fastest way to receive your materials. Many libraries participate in consortia and have access to the collections of other public and college libraries in your state.

Items not available for loan by mail include:

  1. Reserve and reference items
  2. Any item deemed too fragile by the library staff
  3. Any materials not currently in the library's collection (interlibrary loans for materials cannot be obtained at a distance and must be placed through the student's local public library, if available).

Updated: Dec. 2023

Reconsideration (Challenge) Request

Library materials are chosen by professional staff for the value of information, interest, and enlightenment of the student body and staff. In no case should library materials be excluded because of race, nationality, or the social, political, or religious views of the authors. The Northeast Iowa Community College Library staff affirm their belief in the principles of the American Library Association Bill of Rights and Freedom to Read Statement, copies of which may be found appended to the NICC Collection Development Policy.

If someone wishes to have specific materials removed from the library, these procedures will be followed:

  1. The "Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials" form will be completed, for which a link is provided on this page.
  2. The Coordinator of Learning Resources will inform the NICC Libraries' direct administrative supervisor about the reconsideration request.
  3. An Ad Hoc Review Committee, composed of members appointed by the Campus Libraries administration, will be activated. This Ad Hoc committee shall consist of 3-5 members, including:
    1. At least one library staff member;
    2. At least one NICC faculty member, preferably familiar with the topic of the challenged material;
    3. An NICC student representative if available;
    4. Others at the discretion of the Campus Library administration
  4. The Ad Hoc Review Committee will review the challenges to library material and report its decision to either retain or remove the item from the NICC Library collection to the Coordinator of Learning Resources, who will make the final decision.
  5. The person or group submitting the request will be notified of the committee's recommendation and of the decision concerning the disposition of the material.
  6. The Campus Library decision may be appealed to the NICC Board of Trustees.

Specific material challenges will not be reviewed again by the college for a 3-year period. During the consideration and review period, the challenged material will remain available for public use in the NICC Libraries.

 Updated: Dec. 2023

Hotspot Borrowing

The Northeast Iowa Community College Libraries have a limited number of hotspots currently available for college students, faculty, and staff to borrow.

  1. Hotspots will have a 3-week loan period for all who wish to use it.
  2. Hotspots may be checked out by the same patron after they have returned it and had a wait period of 24 hours.
    1. This is to ensure a chance at circulation of the materials.
  3. There will currently be no holding available for the hotspot, only on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  4. Hotspots in use will not be recalled by the library from the current borrower. 
  5. Hotspots not returned by the borrowing due date will be shut off by the library and no longer function.
    1. Hotspots not returned to the library will eventually be declared lost and the borrower will be billed for the replacement cost.
  6. Hotspots may be borrowed at the Peosta campus only until further collection development is made.

 Updated: Dec. 2023