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     A journalist recently observed that the United States is the only modern nation founded on the institution of slavery.  As Ibram Kendi titled his 2016 book on the subject, racism, racists ideas, and slavery were Stamped from the Beginning in this country's founding charters and social fabric.  The intention of this guide is to help you understand how these ideas and institutions began, flourished, and persist to the present day.  Visit websites that inform and educate on this topic.  Read books that all have something to do with "Racism and ...". 

     We hope that the NICC community and visitors to this guide feel motivated to explore the issues covered here thoughtfully and intentionally.  Whether through fiction, history, healthcare, biography, or any other subject that interests you, there are opportunities to learn more, and better understand the underlying issues and often horrifying tragedies that have been and still are with us.